This article it’s not the first one about this topic, although it’s one of the few that include the new inclusive terminology presented by the Linux community. Instead of using Master/Slave, I will use Primary/Secondary. …

This work was made by Pedro Gomes and Andre Godinho

(Make sure to have permission from the victim, otherwise this application is illegal)


A Linux distribution with MetaExploit Framework installed


Step 1: Run MetaExploit

How to bruteforce a server with hydra

In this tutorial we will follow the behind the scenes of a bruteforce attack to a ssh service located on a server

Attention: Don’t do it without the server owner permission.


1- A server

2-xHydra Gui Version

1-Step: Create a text document with passwords that you would like to try

It’s well known that everyone that have access to a network, can easily watch what is happening. In my last article I introduce Wireshark in my last article, a tool that can watch the network’s flow, and today I will talk about NMAP.

NMAP it’s a tool that can be…

When your device is connected to Internet via WI-FI or cable, what really means is that you’re connected to a vast network of routers, servers, switches and so much more. …

The Covid crisis reinforce the, already in place, citizen’s privacy debate. With government’s applications on your phone, and big tech companies following your every step in Internet, sometimes you just need to feel “alone”.

To do so, you can use the web proxy’s Privoxy. Besides hiding your IP, Privoxy also…

It’s illegal to perform any type of IT attack without victim’s permission, the use that you will give to the following information it’s entirely your responsibility.

In every Hollywood movie, IT guys always found a way of getting their enemies social media passowords. Normally you see a lot of code…

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